Santa is looking for a great book to buy you for Christmas, I suggest Accelerate by Arnie Kuenn It is great, I can hardly put it down. I watch his webinar a few weeks ago and just received the book, as I read the book

Accelerate by Arnie KuennAccelerate!: Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing.

If you want your website to soar with the eagles, this it the book to read! I’t not a large book and Arnie is right to the point. He is the owner of Vertical Measures here in Phoenix.

“If you own a website, you’re a publisher.”

Interruption marketing is a thing of the past. We can no longer only talk to our audience. We must join the conversation that’s already happening.

The world of marketing has been radically changing in the last couple of years to a new kind of marketing. Businesses that have been spending their marketing budgets on print, TV, banner ads, and even PPC are realizing that there is a better way. A better way to attract leads, to nurture those leads, to lower your cost per sale and to speed up the buying process. That way is content marketing.

The companies that are succeeding right now are the ones creating content that engages their customers and brings in the business.

That’s where this book comes in. Many marketing books present themselves like the consultant who comes in and says, “Here’s the strategy you need, but I don’t implement. I don’t actually do it. That’s for you to figure out.” But if you’re going to be successful, you need to understand how to create and promote compelling content that brings in the customers – not just that you need to.

It is only $17.05 on Amazon, click on the link above to order the book. Accelerate by Arnie Kuenn


Find Your Local Niche Power

by on September 25, 2011

I’ll just take a moment of your time and share with you this shocking phone call I received a few minutes ago from Kevin George, a member of our SEO Community. To say that Kevin was ecstatic would be an understatement as he explained that the lifestyle he was able to provide to his family was about to change forever. He said that just after watching only 1 of the 8 training modules of Andrew’s Local Niche Power training that he decided to “test the waters” on Tuesday calling an acquaintance who is the VP of Business Development of a local business in Scottsdale. Kevin asked, “If I came up with an idea to market and promote your services online, would you be willing to pay me a commission?” Shocked at what happened next The VP said that he “was very interested” as he was ready to launch “a big ticket” service at the end of the month in several local markets and wanted to meet with Kevin on Friday (tomorrow). Kevin said that after getting over the initial shock he immediately reached out to Andrew, taking advantage of our free coaching and discussed strategy. Kevin then downloaded sample business contracts from module 6 of the Local Niche Power training guide and went to work editing them for this upcoming meeting. Also in preparation for his meeting, Kevin created his first “Local Niche Power” WordPress site using the guide in module 2, “Setting up Shop”.

Then the Clincher, Even more Shocking! Then this morning Kevin got a phone call from another Scottsdale business. This second business owner explained that he just finished up a round of golf with Kevin’s first client who told him about Kevin’s service. This second client “begged” Kevin to put together a similar deal for his business and agreed to pay a 10% commission.

Andrew did it; Kevin’s doing it and so can YOU! “Andrew’s Local Niche Power training laid it all out for me from A to Z and with the tools and contracts in hand I’m about to change my life and my families life forever by landing these two six-figure a year clients” – Kevin George

After watching the video, and being in class with Andrew several months ago. I knew this young mind was going to create a successful program for many affiliate marketers. I’m so excited that I join his training program and have defined my Local Niche.


Website Architecture for SEO

July 17, 2011

Discover the key factor in building your website, Roy is the best instructor and trainer when it comes to planning a website. I belong to a SEO Mastermind group with Roy and other talented internet marketers. What does you site look like? Is it all Flash and no Cash? I suggest if you want to […]

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More About How to Build your Business Using Blogs

May 28, 2011

So excited I just had to share this video with you.  It’s time for your business to take the next step and not go the the Hot Summer Blues (singing about how slow business is).   Benefits of Business Blogging

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Build A Business By Blogging

May 28, 2011

I found this great little book for summer reading. It’s by Darren Barefoot called Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook. If your wanting to read more about social media and blogging this book would be a great start. Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook The rules of marketing have changed. Savvy […]

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Why WordPress

May 27, 2011

I have been using WordPress for over a year and love the ease of changing and tweaking bits and pieces of the website.  Clients still ask what is WordPress?  Too sum it up, it is a great product!  You can also read the details below. WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform […]

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